How black women are making a splash in tech

[socialBuzz] How black women are making a splash in tech

Although there is a huge lack of diversity in the tech industry, black women are starting to make a splash in tech. Most venture-backed companies in the United States are mostly white while 1% have African-American founders. Black women are less than .2% when it comes to receiving venture funding. However, with some guidance and the right coaching, black women are starting to find some success in the tech industry.


Here are 5 tips from some of the top black CEO’s in the tech world.


Get a coach with connections: You want to have a mentor that can help you create an investment-ready tech company. Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of people in the black community that have developed successful tech startups. Therefore we do not know how to build an attractive tech startup that will attract investors on our own.

Failure is how you learn: It is important for you to understand that entrepreneurship will have a lot of temporary failures. The key word is “temporary”. There is no perfect time to launch your business. You have to dive out there and see what happens and adapt to your surroundings. It is important that you fail early and fast and be sure to learn the lesson in that failure so that you can make changes.

Surround yourself around other entrepreneurs: Support is something you will need through the bad times. People with traditional jobs have a traditional way of thinking. Therefore, they will not understand you. You need to be around those who understand the entrepreneurial journey. They will be able to give you insight on solutions to your issues as they may have already faced them.



Find seminars and events: It is important that you get out and meet other tech entrepreneurs. The reason why is because you will meet people that can help you along the way during your journey. You can use their sound advice that can hopefully prevent you from making critical mistakes.


Always protect your confidence: You skillset is the reason you are breaking into the industry. Do not let failures and people discourage you. You will consistently be in an environment of learning new things. Make sure you apply those things to enhance yourself and your product.

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