Black Business Alert: Bou’Jae Organic Vodka Is Taking Over The Industry

[socialBuzz] Black Business Alert: Bou’Jae Organic Vodka Is Taking Over The Industry

We all the know the health concerns that comes with drinking alcohol. It can ruin your liver, put a hurt on your kidneys, and quite frankly, it can flat out kill you. However, in moderation, have a cocktail can ease the pain of trying to have a great night. We often celebrate the Jay-Z’s, Diddy’s, and artist like Ludacris when they promote liquor that they owned. However, there is a new vodka that is black owned that can have some positive affects on your body.


Introducing Bou’Jae Vodka

Founded in January 2015, Stephania Lauger created Bou’Jae Vodka to accommodate her gluten free lifestyle. She also noticed that her friends would reduce the amount of calories they would eat in order to accommodate the high calorie drinks they would consume. Bou’Jae was created with health in mind. Consumers can enjoy Bou’Jae and not have to worry about allergic, inflammatory, or autoimmune responses. According to Lauger, her vodka, “reduces your blood pressure as well as the possibility of having a heart attack. It also decreases inflammatory problems in the body, stress, and does not negatively affect your immune system in the way that regular vodka does.” Below is some information that we found off of her website that shows what her vodka is made out of.


Origin: Bou’Jae Vodka is proudly distilled and made in the United States of America.

Composition: USDA Certified organic corn vodk

Fermentation: USDA certified organic without the use of GMOs, or Gluten. It is also allergen free.

Distillation: GNS (grain neutral spirits) is derived from a single, four- column continuous distillation and filtered only once through a micron paper filter.

Size: 750 ml

Taste Profile: Smooth and clean taste Alcohol by Volume: 40% 80 proof Color: Colorless

Packaging: 8 bottles per case

Flavors: Original, Strawberry, Peach, Pineapple, and Kiwi

For distribution inquiries: [email protected]
For press inquires: [email protected]
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