5 Smart Credit Habits to Start in Your 20s

[socialBuzz] 5 Smart Credit Habits to Start in Your 20s

4. Pay your bills on time.

Making timely payments is one of the best ways for consumers to build credit. Since your credit score is meant to measure how likely you are to repay debts in a timely manner, your on-time payment percentage is often one of the most highly-weighted factors used to calculate your score. Just one late payment could hurt your credit health for years.

How: There are a variety of strategies you can try. Many people set up calendar reminders to email or text themselves when their credit card’s due date is coming up. If you have multiple credit cards and are having trouble keeping track of all of them, you could also try calling your providers and asking them to move the due date to a different fixed date. Alternatively, consider enrolling in autopay services offered by your bank (if available). If none of these options sound right for you, try coming up with your own mnemonic device, like paying your bills on the first of every month.


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