Become the person everyone remembers

A review by Chase Harris:

What I like most about this book is that it does not sugarcoat the realities of life. Most people want to be lied to and told that life has beautiful rose pedals below your feet while walking on an exotic island if your follow X-Y-Z rules. If anyone tries to sell you this pipe dream, just know it is a bunch of bull. The reality is people are going to lie to you, cheat you, blame you, back-stab you, and disappoint you. And in some of these instances, it will be people that you “thought” cared about you the most.

Well, where is the success? Success is a relative term that has a different meaning to different people. It is important that you understand what you think success is is something that you may not ever reach. However, this book will give you some principles that will put you in position to optimize your skills.

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If you want distinction and stand out from the rest, this is a book you want to read more than once. As always, remember to take notes when you read it.